How to lodge a complaint against a Sheriff

In terms of Section 44(1) of the Sheriffs Act 90/1986, a complainant may lodge a complaint about the conduct of sheriff to the South African Board for Sheriffs. A complaint must be submitted by way of an affidavit in the prescribed format by the person affected by the conduct of the sheriff. Where the complainant has instructed an attorney or a third person to lodge a complaint on their behalf, written authority to that effect must accompany their complaint.

The complaint must clearly set out the following:

    • Full details of the sheriff whose conduct is being complained about;
    • Full details of the complainant;
    • Full details of the matter involved, such as case no or name of the parties;
    • Full details of the misconduct being complained about;
    • Documents and/or witness statements in support of the complaint
    • Online Complaint Reporting Form