• We are a Board that is transparent, and responsive to the needs of the Sheriffs profession.
    • We will promote a professional Sheriffs service that is respectful and efficient to deliver justice to all with integrity and accountability.
    • We will be accountable in terms of our legislative mandate and strive to entrench the human rights culture envisaged by the Constitution


    • We will provide professional and credible service to all our clients and other stakeholders.
    • We will develop skilled, knowledgeable and motivated staff.
    • We will develop a unified and committed Board with focused leadership.
    • We will conduct all activities and execute our mandate in a manner that is accountable to the public and to government.
    • We will enhance the image and goodwill of the Sheriffs profession.

Core Values

    • Accountability
      We will ensure that the members and officials of the Board carry out their responsibilities conscientiously and with integrity.
    • Integrity
      We will uphold the ethical and moral principles embodied in the Codes and Policies of the Board and the Constitution of South Africa acting always with honesty, fairness and consistency.
    • Professionalism
      We are committed to serving our stakeholders with courtesy, to the best of our abilities and with dedication to the highest standards of service excellence.
    • Transparency
      We will ensure that all our practices are open to internal and external scrutiny.
    • Efficiency
      We are committed to managing the resources of the Board efficiently and effectively and will take steps to eliminate all wasteful and fruitless expenditure.
    • Respect
      We value and respect the views of all our stakeholders and will treat everyone with dignity and consideration.
    • Equity
      We are committed to employment equity in the recruitment of staff and opposed to all forms of unfair discrimination in our relationships with all stakeholders and the public.

Administrative support of the South African Board for Sheriffs

  • Acting Executive Manager
    Mr Andrew Simon
    • Legal & Complaints Division
      Mrs Reesha Kasipershad
    • Training, Development & Communication Division
      Mr Vincent Nel
    • Corporate & Financial Services
      Mr Andrew Simon